JTAG Technologies

We are boundary scan.


In co-operation with the engineers of SPEA HQ JTAG Technologies developed a dedicated version of our JT 2147 POD that fits perfectly in to the SPEA 3030. This JT 2147/SAM connects the TAP signals via our standard JT 3727/TSI controller and fixture to your target. For the 4040 integration a standard JT 2147 pod is used. Four of the pod's I/O signals are connected to the 4040's flying probes to allow boundary-scan to roving probe testing. An enhanced version of our execution software that also interacts with the pin cards of the SPEA tester and its GUI (Leonardo or ATOS) is also included in the upgrade package. Digital signals can be driven via boundary-scan and sensed with the I/O pins or flying probes of the SPEA machine and the other way around. Results and diagnostics are presented in the SPEA GUI.

During the validation of the developed test applications, ProVision can also control the SPEA tester.

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  • One GUI (SPEA) during production runs
  • Higher coverage
  • Combined report
  • Only one production step
  • Improved fault coverage
  • Simplified fixture
  • Validation of the combined tests in the ProVision Test development environment