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Software updates

ProVision Service Packs:

CD23 service pack 2a

The current version of the software is CD23. If you have
CD22 or an earlier version and you want to upgrade to
CD23, please contact your local JTAG Technologies sales

CD22 service pack 2
CD21 service pack 1
CD20 service pack 2
CD19 service pack 1
CD19 JT 2149/DAF - Plug-in for the JT 2149/DAF module
CD19 PMBus - Plug-in for PMBus compatible device applications
CD18 service pack 1
CD17 service pack 1
CD16 service pack 1
CD15 service pack 1
CD14 service pack 2
CD12 service pack 2
CD11 service pack 2
CD10 service pack 1

ProVision Language Packs (CD21 and higher):

CD CN Language Pack (2016-12-07) - Chinese
CD DE Language Pack (2014-12-02) - German
CD FR Language Pack (2015-08-27) - French
CD JP Language Pack (2017-01-10) - Japanese
CD PT Language Pack (2015-08-21) - Portuguese
CD RU Language Pack (2017-09-04) - Russian

ProVision Language Packs (CD20):

CD20 CN Language Pack - Chinese
CD20 DE Language Pack - German
CD20 FR Language Pack - French
CD20 JP Language Pack - Japanese
CD20 PT Language Pack - Portuguese
CD20 RU Language Pack - Russian