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We are boundary scan.

Rework & Repair

Rework -  increase diagnostic capability

Diagnostics from JTAG Technologies' tools give you precise, easy-to-read results, rapidly highlighting short-circuits, open pins, open nets or even swapped or 'twisted' interconnections that might appear between two sub-systems. By adding  JTAG Visualizer to your repair station, you can see the exact point of failure graphically on either your schematic diagram or layout for quicker and easier repair.  A typical boundary-scan repair station consists of  a runtime system based on ProVision platform with it's built-in test executive (AEX) plus diagnostics software and JTAG Visualizer. Since diagnostics can be included with the production or returns test failure report there is no need to re-run tests during repair.

Field repair - increase customer satisfaction

Lower your repair time cycle. Reprogram and reconfigure PLDs and flash memory on field returns easily without having to remove ICs from the boards. Uncover faults rapidly and pre-screen boards before functional verification. Use our run-time and diagnostic tools on your board returns for fast, precise analysis of faults, and to easily update firmware to the latest version. Unique AutoBuzz software learns and compares 'connectivity signature'.

Your benefits

  • Re-use tests and programming applications from original production sequences
  • Compact JTAG tester hardware is easily transported to the point of test
  • Retests and reprograms boards and systems
  • Compatible with Visualizer viewing software 

Useful products for rework & repair: