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We are boundary scan.


Improve time to market while reducing costs

JTAG Technologies offer a comprehensive selection of best-in-class factory test and device programming solutions. Whether you are an OEM or a contract manufacturer, we have a run-time solution targeted to meet your needs. Choose a stand-alone boundary-scan system or one of our many integration alternatives for in-circuit, flying probe, in-line, or functional testing.  JTAG Technologies are the preferred boundary-scan vendor for many of the world's leading production automation companies.

Your benefits:

  • Reduce costs and shorten your time to market. Boundary-scan shrinks test development times, decreases debug time for prototypes and expedites re-programming. Test fixtures are greatly simplified and may be eliminated altogether.
  • Increase accuracy - start test engineering earlier in the product cycle, based on pre-layout design information and using time saving automated tools. Test programs are ready at the start of production, complete with high-resolution diagnostics for repairs.
  • Improve beat rate - boundary-scan ensures PCBs are correctly assembled and programs flash memories and PLDs in-system at high throughput rates.

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