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Almost all today's programmable logic devices (CPLDs and FPGAs) now utilise the IEEE std 1149.1 interface port to access their proprietary configuration circuits. Until 2001 the popular SVF (Serial Vector Format) was considered the de facto standard for streaming data into these parts and SVF remains popular to this day.

However as the IC vendors vied to produce the optimum data format/language for programming devices 'in-system' other standards appeared (JAM, STAPL, XSVF etc..) until the IEEE standards committee approved a universal standard that could be applied across designs bearing multiple vendor devices. The IEEE Std 1532 was finally approved in 2001 and as part of that standard a universal data format 'ISC' was introduced alongside enhanced BSDL models for compliant programmable parts.

Since the very first PLDs with JTAG programming were introduced JTAG Technologies have developed  timely support packages that allow manufacturers to program all vendor parts at high speed. Today that support is provided through JTAG ProVision and the PIP and Symphony tester integration packages.

  • Universal support for all CPLD and FPGA vendors
  • Processes SVF, JAM/STAPL, ISC and JEDEC files
  • Popularly used with Altera, Actel, Lattice, Xilinx etc..

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  • Helps to reduce inventory of pre-programmed parts
  • Allows unified system for both testing and device programming/configuration
  • Provides link between structural and functional testing
  • Can be utilised se to program test IP cores