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Microprocessors/DSPs (Embedded Flash)

JTAG Technologies solutions for programming embedded memories of  Microprocessors and DSPs are also known as SCIP (Serial Controlled IC Programmer) modules. The family comprises a wide range of software modules that can be used by test and production engineers to broaden the scope of their in-system device programming facilities without adding much or anything in the way of additional interface hardware.

While many devices have standardised on JTAG (IEEE Std 1149.1) as hardware interface for programming and testing there has been little in the way of standardisation regarding the way internal (flash) memories are programmed. The use of ‘Private’ instructions and non-standard state machine implementations have meant that some JTAG/boundary-scan tool-sets are unable to cope with the variety of devices that now use JTAG as their programming interface. Furthermore there exists a secondary layer of devices that use other, often lower pin count, interfaces to support their programming. Examples of these alternative interfaces are BDM, SPI, SWD (ARM Single Wire Debug) etc.. JTAG Technologies SCIP modules overcome these obstacles.

  • Program non-standard JTAG configured devices
  • Supports BDM, Mono8, MicroChip and other serial interfaces
  • Compatible with SCIL hardware interface adapters

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  • Solutions for programming µProcessors, µControllers, DSPs etc. with embedded flash
  • In-system program (ISP) technique minimises device handling and reduces static and mechanical damage
  • Re-use existing JTAG hardware (JT 37x7) for both ISP and testing
  • Reduced fixture complexity and costs as a result of reduced hardware considerations