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We are boundary scan.

Keysight (formerly Agilent)

The Symphony 3070 product is a combination of dedicated hardware based on JTAG Technologies DataBlaster technology (JT 37x7/APC) and software that allows you to execute boundary-scan applications developed with our ProVision tools or SCIP on your 3070 tester. This can either be a Unix or Windows based system. Results and diagnostics are presented in the Keysight/Agilent GUI.

The bundled solution of our JT 37x7/APC controller, execution software and diagnostics software is sold via JTAG Technologies as Symphony 3070/APC-x7/PC or as Symphony 3070/APC-x7/Unix.

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  • One GUI (Agilent)
  • Higher coverage
  • Combined report
  • Only one production step