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JT2149/MPV and JT 2149/eMPV

The JT 2149/MPV and the JT 2149/eMPV are a 32 channel multi purpose DIOS/TAP pod modules that can be plugged into any spare JT 2148 QuadPOD transceiver slot. The DIOS channels of these units enable increased fault coverage and thus improved diagnostic resolution during boundary-scan testing. The principal difference dbetween the two versions is the use of an extended case on the eMPV that allows standard 0.1" connections to be used to access ths TAP and static IO signals (see <More Images> tab below)- on the standard /MPV unit these signals are available at the fornt face 0.05" connector.  The units are fully supported by JTAG Technologies' development tools. Additional DIOS modules can be serially connected if more parallel access points are required.

  • Provides I/O channels for increased fault coverage
  • Mounts conveniently in QuadPod slot
  • Improves 'diagnostic resolution'

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  • IEEE Std. 1149.x  TAP pod and  DIOS in one module.
  • Available in standard size or 'E' extended version with additional 0.1" TAP connections
  • Increases 'stuck-at' and open pin fault coverage on many designs
  • 40MHz TCK frequency rated
  • Retains full four TAP tester capability.