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JT 57XX/RMIc Mixed-Signal JTAG Tester

The new concept JTAG-powered PCB tester-programmer the JT 57xx/RMIc 'Combi-System' comprises a sleek base-level 19" 1U rack-mount chassis assembly that can house up to four customer-specified modules offering various JTAG (IEEE 1149.x) controllers, digital IO and analog IO and other measurement features.
The modules are either ½ rack or ¼ rack width and are available as follows:-

· JT 5705/RMIc - ¼ width module featuring two (15MHz) TAPs and 64 mixed signal IO (MIOS) channels
· JT 37x7/RMIc - ½ width module featuring four (40MHz) TAPs, sixteen static IO channels and optionally 64 DIOS (DIO-1 version only)
· JT 5112/RMIc - ¼ width module featuring 64 mixed signal IO (MIOS) channels
· JT 5111/RMIc - ¼ width module featuring 64 digital IO (DIOS) channels

The modules themselves offer similar (if not identical specs) to their bench-top equivalents but benefit from higher channel and TAP density, smaller footprint and lower overall cost. By mixing and matching the modules users can configure almost any type of JTAG/boundary-scan tester-programmer that might be needed making a most cost-effective solution.


  • Four module slots for controller, digital IO or MIOS
  • Up to 256 I/O channels and eight TAPs in total
  • High-speed (15MHz) and ultra-high-speed (40MHz) controller options
  • Measurement options for frequency, pulse-width and VDC (analog)
  • Analog source and clock generator

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  • Configure your optimum tester/programmer
  • Supports analog and digital I/O channels 
  • Front panel output for all test signals
  • User configurable features via embedded FPGA
  • Compact 1U 19" chassis