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JT 5705/FXT Carrier Boards – ATE Building Blocks

The use of JTAG/Boundary-scan combined with a number of mixed signal IO channels brings a new dimension to the bench-top ATE market. The JT 5705/FXT is a highly compact (less than 10cm x10cm) multifunction USB-powered instrument in its own right and offers two full JTAG TAPs (Test Access Ports) and 64 IO channels with a combination of Digital, Analog and Frequency measurement capabilities. The matching JT 2702/xx range of carrier boards have been designed to allow seamless integration of this powerful capability into an array of popular bench fixtures.

The already impressive specification of the JT 5705/FXT is enhanced by the addition of multiplexing circuitry on the carriers to increases the effective channel count further.


Advanced users can also take advantage of the FPGA technology used by the JT 5705/FXT to create custom applications/instruments, controlled through JTAG’s unique CoreCommander FPGA software. 


In order to know more about our fixture solutions, download the brochure from here.




  • Support for ATX, D&D, ECT, Ingun, MG Products, and others
  • JT 2702/xx (choose your connection method)
  • JT 5705/FXT (2 TAPs + 64 multifunctional I/Os)
  • JT 5112/FXT (64 multifunctional I/Os)

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  • Build a low-cost multi-function ATE
  • Tests JTAG and non-JTAG compliant designs
  • Engineered solutions for popular fixture types
  • Generic solution available foy your current fixture.