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JT 37x7/RMI (Limited Availability*)

The JT 37x7/RMI (rack mountable instrument) consists of a fully featured DataBlaster boundary-scan controller, equipped with four TAPs, plus 256 DIOS I/O channels, all packaged in a convenient 1U, 19-inch rack-mount unit. The RMI is ideal for use in test systems where demanding boundary-scan structural testing is combined with functional testing. High-speed, programmable test clock frequency (TCK) allows rapid application execution -  important for flash memory programming. Where required, TAP pods can be replaced by JT 2149/MPV-0xx SCIL modules to provide custom functionality - see SCIL modules for details. With an additional JT 2149 Connector you can connect TAP pods and SCIL modules to the JT 37x7/RMI - 19" rackmount controller with DIOS.

* The JT 37x7/RMI is now at status 'limited availability' and is not recommended for new projects - email info@jtag.com for stock status. Recommended alternative is JT 57xx/RMIc

  • All-in-one JTAG tester and programmer with synchronised DIOS channels
  • Four JTAG TAPs plus 256 IO channels
  • Compact 1U by 19 inch unit supplied with rackmount adapter

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  • Convenient 19-inch by 1U chassis featuring boundary-scan controller and 256 digital I/O channels in single unit
  • Simplifies combining boundary-scan with functional testing
  • Ideal for rack-mounting and for benchtop stand-alone boundary-scan applications
  • Platform-neutral: compatible with LXI-, PCI-, PXI-, and VXI-based test systems
  • Self-contained instrument requires no additional peripheral devices, easily moved among test systems