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JT 2154 ScanBridge

The JT 2154 is an experiment board based on National Semiconductor's STA111 device, aimed at users looking to utilise addressable multiplexors within their designs, and thus set-up 'system level' JTAG access. The unit is also widely used in semi-permanent installations to expand the TAP (Test Access Port) count on JTAG Technologies testers in order to address highly segmented designs. Built-in support for ScanBridge-type devices within ProVision allows easy set-up of TAP assignments and device addressing.

  • Use as 1:3 TAP multiplexor
  • Experimental platform for system-level JTAG
  • Features industry standard STA111 chip  

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  • Experiment with ScanBridge technology before committing to a design
  • Adds additional, addressable TAP ports to any test set-up
  • Pin-to pin connections with JTAG Technologies JT 21x7 pods or JT 3705/USB
  • Can be powered from the pod or own connection