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JT 2149/MPV

The JT 2149/MPV is a 32 channel multi purpose DIOS/TAP pod module that can be plugged into any spare JT 2148 QuadPOD transceiver slot. The DIOS channels of the JT 2149/MPV enable increased fault coverage and thus improved diagnostic resolution during boundary-scan testing. The unit is fully supported by JTAG Technologies' development tools. Additional DIOS modules can be serially connected if more parallel access points are required.

  • Provides I/O channels for increased fault coverage
  • Mounts conveniently in QuadPod slot
  • Improves 'diagnostic resolution'

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  • IEEE Std. 1149.x  TAP pod and  DIOS in one module.
  • Available in standard size or 'E' extended version with additional 0.1" TAP connections
  • Increases 'stuck-at' and open pin fault coverage on many designs
  • 40MHz TCK frequency rated
  • Retains full four TAP tester capability.