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JT 2147 QuadPOD

The JT 2147 QuadPOD comprises JT 2148 transceiver and four independent, programmable JT 2149 TAP PODs and provides signal conditioning for the DataBlaster series of boundary-scan controllers. TAP pods can be housed integrally within the transceiver or they can be detached and reconnected via a one meter extension cable (included). The JT 2148 transceiver is available in standard (/10) or industrial (/13) variants. The /13 variant includes a SCSI cable splitter to allow system integrators to use flat ribbon cables into the transceiver itself which often simplifies fixture building.

A fixture-embedded variant of the JT 2147 is available as part reference JT 2147/FXT. This unit integrates the function of the transceiver and four pod onto a single assembly. This variant can also support 64 DIOS channels and SCIL functions (see more images below for a picture of the JT 2147/FXT).

  • Signal conditioning pod for DataBlaster controllers
  • Supports up to 40MHz TCK signals
  • Detachable TAP pods also feature 4 user I/O pins

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  • Maintains optimum signal conditioning right to the UUT.
  • Supports standard JT 2149 TAP pods or SCIL modules
  • Available as standard desktop (/10) or industrial /13 formats
  • Includes convenient pod extender cables
  • Backwards compatible with JT 3710 series controllers