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JT 2127/Flex STM

JT 2127-Flex is a family of hardware adapters specifically designed for the testing of of PCB-mounted DIMM & SODIMM sockets using a JTAG/boundary-scan controller and supporting software. The testing of memory sockets has always been troublesome for test and production engineers using JTAG/boundary-scan systems. Even when it is possible to create memory writes/reads from a boundary-scan compliant access device on the UUT (Unit Under Test), the initialisation process may fail leaving you with little diagnostics information. What's more it can still be uncertain whether fault lays with the DIMM module itself or the socket. Using the new JT 2127-Flex system from JTAG Technologies you get pin-point diagnostics from a known-good test interface so you can be certain if you socket is soldered correctly.

  • Master DMU unit provides multiple DIO and analog channels
  • Flex adapters are available for easy connection to popular DIMM sockets.
  • Analog channels test supply voltages

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  • Simplifies test developemant for DIMM and SODIMM sockets
  • Speeds-up test preparation
  • Enables pin-point diagnostics
  • Works with existing JTAG hardware and software.