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Flexible JTAG Controller-Programmer is Rack-mountable


Eindhoven – September 2016. JTAG Technologies, the leading specialist in JTAG/boundary-scan solutions for board testing and device programming are excited to introduce their new concept JTAG-powered PCB tester-programmer the JT 57xx/RMI ‘Combi-System’.

The system comprises a sleek base-level 19” 1U rack-mount chassis assembly that can house up to four customer-specified modules offering various JTAG (IEEE 1149.x) controller, digital IO and analog IO and other measurement features. The modules are either ½ rack or ¼ rack width and are available as follows:-


  • JT 5705/RMI – ¼ width module featuring two (15MHz) TAPs and 64 mixed signal IO (MIOS) channels

  • JT 57x7/RMI- ½ width module featuring four (40MHz) TAPs, 64 digital IO (DIOS) channels and eight static IO channels

  • JT 5112/RMI – ¼ width module featuring 64 mixed signal IO (MIOS) channels

  • JT 2111/RMI –¼ width module featuring 64 digital IO (DIOS) channels


The modules themselves offer similar (if not identical specs) to their bench-top equivalents but benefit from higher channel and TAP density, smaller footprint and lower overall cost. By mixing and matching the modules JTAG Technologies believe one can configure almost any type of JTAG/boundary-scan tester-programmer that might be needed making a most cost-effective solution.


JTAG Technologies MD Peter van den Eijnden states “Our customers are increasingly demanding greater power in their test systems to perform bothe structural and functional tests and also program parts ‘in-system’, the JT 57xx Combi-Systems allow them to build a tester with ‘just enough’ capability, thus minimising the cost of test.”

Multi-controller support

From JTAG Technologies CD23 release onwards multiple instance configurations of controller hardware is supported and can be used in a cohesive/unified manner. For example installing four JT 5705/RMIs into the rack-mount carrier will yield an eight-TAP tester complete with 256 mixed signal IO channels.

Software support

 JT57xx/RMI ‘combi-systems’ are supported by both JTAG ProVision and all the associated run-time software options. You can use the new combi-systems with older software but to take advantage of the extended controller support it is recommended to update to CD release 23.

The JT57xx series are shipping now and evaluation units can be requested from the local sales office or distributor.