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We are boundary scan.


Through our close working relationship with the engineers of DigitalTest a dedicated version of our JT 3727 DataBlaster controller has been developed that fits perfectly into the DigitalTest MTS testers. This JT 3727/DPC boundary-scan controller connects the TAP signals via the tester's fixture/interface directly to your target. In addition an enhanced version of our execution software has been developed that allows synchronised interaction with the pin cards of the MTS tester and its GUI (CITE32). Digital signals can be driven via boundary-scan and sensed with the I/O pins of the MTS machine or the other way around. Results and diagnostics are presented in the CITE32 GUI.

During the validation of the developed test applications, JTAG ProVision can also control the MTS tester.

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  • One GUI (CITE32) during production runs
  • Higher coverage
  • Combined report
  • Only one production step
  • Validation of the combined tests in the ProVision Test development environment