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The integration of JTAG/Boundary-scan with 6TLs brand of functional test (FT) equipment provides a best of both solution that can address the majority of  board and sytem test requirements. Since boundary-scan and FT are complementary test methods, this combination often provides an optimal strategy with lowest overall cost and maximum coverage for anticipated fault types. Using the buit-in JTAG controller capability of the YAV9JTAG card also reduces cost and resource overheads.

Test and in-system programming applications are generated on JTAG Technologies’ development tools (JTAG ProVision or Classic) and can be easily imported into the 6TL environment.

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  • Cost-effective integration of JTAG boundary-scan testing/programming and 6TL YAV module capabilities
  • Supports YAV9JTAG boundary-scan controller card and YAV9JTAH ‘DIOS’ module
  • Single production phase for boundary-scan and functional testing
  • Greatly enhances test coverage on digital and mixed signal designs.
  • Adds comprehensive JTAG-based In-System Programming capabilities and Processor Controller Test options
  • Easy to retrofit to existing fixtures and programs