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Together with the engineers of Aeroflex we developed an Aeroflex dedicated version of our QuadPod that fits perfectly in to a 42xx tester. This JT 2147/AGP connects the standard JT 37x7 controller (PCI or TSI) via your fixture to your target. In addition an enhanced version of our execution software has been developed that interacts with the pin cards of the Aeroflex and its GUI. Digital signals can be driven via boundary-scan and sensed with the I/O pins of the Aereoflex machine or the other way around. Results and diagnostics are presented in the Aeroflex environment.

The bundled solution of a JT 37x7, JT 2147/AGP, boundary-scan execution software, diagnostics and an MTL controller code layer is exclusively sold via Aeroflex. For more information visit the Aeroflex website.

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  • One production stop only
  • One GUI (Aeroflex)
  • Combined result and diagnostics report
  • Improved fault coverage
  • Simplified fixture