JT 2702/SM Switch Matrix

To enhance the flexibility of the ATE-focussed variants of the JT 5705 and JT 5112 MIOS test instruments (versions /IB, /BO and /RMIc) JTAG Technologies has developed the JT 2702/SM ‘switch matrix’ module.
When the switch matrix board is added to the board ‘stack’ of one of the above variants it allows the signal resources of these modules (plus the option of 1KOhm pull-up/down resistors) to be directed to any signal pin of the final interfacing connector(s) as follows:

  • IB variant signals can be directed to the 10 x 12 ‘Pylon’ connector.
  • BO variant signals can be directed to the vertical 20-way DIL 0.1” IDC connectors
  • RMIc variant signals can be directed to the front panel 20-way DIL 0.1” IDC connectors


  • Low cost I/O solution
  • Up to 256 channels per module
  • Daisy-chain modules for higher channel count
  • Compact size and high channel-count
  • Supports up to 25MHz TCK test clock
  • Autodetects installed DIMM DIOS‘
  • Autodetects additional ‚daisy-chained‘ JT 2702/DDCs
  • Standard adapter description included in ProVision

For benchtop and in-fixture use in conjunction with JT 2122/MPV, legacy JT 2122/168Fs or JT 2124/F168 DIMM DIOS modules. Provides high density I/O conveniently accessed through standard IDC connectors. Used to increase fault coverage through connectors and/or test-points.

  • 2 x DIMM-168 format slots for JTAG Technologies DIMM DIOS
  • 8 x 40-Way latched IDC headers each supporting 32 I/O plus 8 signal grounds
  • Standard 10-way IDC connectors for TAP-IN and TAP-OUT
  • Dimensions 200 x 90 x 30 mm (no DIMMs fitted)
  • Weight 175 g (no DIMMs fitted)

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