JT 2147/BO

The JT 2147/BO is the fixture-embedded variant of the JT 2147 QuadPOD high speed device programmer and flash programmer.

It comprises JT 2148 transceiver and four independent, programmable JT 2149 TAP PODs and provides signal conditioning for the DataBlaster series of boundary-scan controllers. Used for gang, parallel, fast testing / programming of devices.

This unit integrates the function of the classic QuadPod transceiver and four TAP pods onto a single assembly. This variant can also support 64 DIOS channels and SCIL functions.



  • Signal conditioning pod for DataBlaster controllers
  • Supports up to 40MHz TCK signals
  • Detachable TAP pods also feature 4 user I/O pins
  • Maintains optimum signal conditioning right to the UUT.
  • Supports standard JT 2149 TAP pods or SCIL modules
  • Available as standard desktop (/10) or industrial /13 formats
  • Includes convenient pod extender cables
  • Backwards compatible with JT 3710 series controllers

Each POD provides active line terminations, maintaining the integrity of critical signals at the point of test. In addition to the TAP signals, the POD provides four programmable static I/O pins which can be used to precondition and monitor test and programming activities. I/O voltage levels of each POD can be independently programmed, and within each POD the TDI and TDO signal voltages can be set separately to match a variety of target chip technologies.

  • Four boundary-scan ports
  • Enhanced signal integrity for high data rates
  • Detachable PODs
  • Programmable I/O voltages

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