JTAG Technologies – Corporate Story

Wir sind uns dessen kaum bewusst, aber die Welt würde sich fast nicht mehr drehen, wenn es keine Elektronik gäbe. Gesundheitswesen, Mobilität, wissenschaftliche Forschung und vieles mehr verlassen sich alle auf Leiterplatten. Elektronik kann unser Leben retten und muss daher zuverlässig sein und genau so funktionieren, wie es vorgesehen ist. (mehr …)

Visualizer with Features for Faster Debug

Wide-ranging CAD support

With its wide range of CAD (EDA) tool import filters Visualizer is the number one choice for professional boundary-scan development and test engineers. Users can import schematic data direct from Mentor (Pads, DxDesigner, Capture) Cadence Altium and Zuken tools as well as board layout information in ODB++ and a dozen other vendor specific formats.

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We like to keep you informed

High integrity interface to MAC-Panel SCOUT

May 15 2017 : JTAG Technologies is excited to announce the immediate release of a new JTAG/boundary-scan test hardware interface product compatible with the MAC Panel mass interconnect system. The JT 2147/eDAK is a multi-function signal conditioning module that allows ‘ideal world’ connections from JTAG Technologies PXI and PXIe DataBlasters to the MAC panel ‘Scout’ connection system.

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Map your JTAG Test Access with Altium Designer

JTAG Technologies, the leading specialist in JTAG/boundary-scan solutions for board testing and device programming are excited to introduce their new collaborative product with Altium – JTAG Maps.

A large number of today’s electronic designs feature JTAG/boundary-scan components that provide valuable test resources during hardware debug, manufacturing test and even depot repair. JTAG Maps is a simple extension to the Altium Designer tool suite that allows the user/engineer to thoroughly assess the capabilities of the JTAG/boundary-scan resources on their design – before committing to layout.

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