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JT 5705/FXT Carrier Boards – ATE Building Blocks

The use of JTAG/Boundary-scan combined with a number of mixed signal IO channels brings a new dimension to the bench-top ATE market. The JT 5705/FXT is a highly compact (less than 10cm x10cm) multifunction USB-powered instrument in its own right and offers two full JTAG TAPs (Test Access Ports) and 64 IO channels with a combination of Digital, Analog and Frequency measurement capabilities. The matching JT 2702/xx range of carrier boards have been designed to allow seamless integration of this powerful capability into an array of popular bench fixtures.

The already impressive specification of the JT 5705/FXT is enhanced by allowing two units to placed onto a single carrier doubling the channel and TAP port count*, what’s more additional multiplexing circuitry on the carriers increases the effective channel count event further.


Advanced users can also take advantage of the FPGA technology used by the JT 5705/FXT to create custom applications/instruments, controlled through JTAG’s unique CoreCommander FPGA software. 


In order to know more about our fixture solutions, download the brochure from here.




  • Support for ATX, D&D, Ingun, MG Products, and others
  • JT 2702/xx (specific per fixture brand)
  • JT 5705/FXT (2 TAPs + 64 multifunctional I/Os)
  • JT 5112/FXT (64 multifunctional I/Os)

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  • Build a low-cost multi-function ATE
  • Tests JTAG and non-JTAG compliant designs
  • Engineered solutions for popular fixture types
  • Generic solution available foy your current fixture.