BSDL (Boundary-Scan Description Language) files are necessary for the application of boundary-scan for board and system level testing and in-system programming. BSDL files contain a full description of the Boundary-scan functionality within a chip. According the Boundary-scan standard IEEE 1149.1, these files must also be made freely available by the vendors of the IC’s to their customers. For this reason JTAG Technologies does not automatically supply BSDLs and we therefore suggest that you look for the latest version of the required files on the website(s) of the relevant ÍC vendor(s), or request them from your IC supplier (e.g. component distributor).

Note also that not all BSDL files are 100% correct from syntax and semantics perspective, however our tools will perform a thorough check on these aspects the moment you try loading them in to your project and highlight any shortcomings. Since we have undertaken many 1000s of projects we have acquired a great deal of experience with BSDL files from all vendors and helped to correct many of these over the years. Provided you hold a valid support contract we will do our best to help you in locating correct BSDL files and/or fixing them if you encounter any issues with non-compliant behavior from IC’s.

If you have a question on a BSDL file, please contact our support group.

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