In order to execute an efficient production testing strategy for printed circuit boards ( PCB), it is important to implement boundary-scan testing and automate the generation and execution of testing.  This will result in reduced time-to-market, lower production costs and an increased quality on all fronts. A test sequence (also known as TestPlan) is used to execute individual actions (step types) such as power switching, structural or functional tests, limit compares or device programming actions in a logical order.

A test sequencer is a module usually  found within a test development environment that allows the sequence to be built, often by drag and drop, and refined using loops and conditional branching,
Most test sequencers will also include a report generation feature that allows test sequence results to be recorded by serial number and date/time-stamp.

Built-in Boundary scan test sequencer for factory ready test plans

In the production environment, test and in-system programming applications that have been developed need to be executed automatically in the correct sequence. Provision provides this sequencing capability: simply drag-and-drop your tests and programming actions into an overall test plan and create a complete sequence that also include user messages, loops and branches

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